254 High Street
Windsor VIC 3181
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Edition XX: ANGLE Studio

254 High Street, Windsor
May 2018

Home is where the heart is and we wanted ours to be an extension of who we are: purpose-driven, creative and just a little bit left of centre. The brief was to refresh the dark existing studio and create two separate spaces – a front of house area for greetings and meetings and a rear of house area for working, collaborating and sharing a meal. This was achieved through a windowed stable wall with split barn doors – acting as a playful separation of meeting and work space without cutting one off from the other and allowing natural light to filter through. The language of the windowed wall was continued at the rear of the studio with pitched plaster sections hiding the back-of-house kitchen and bathrooms. The design is characterised by a graduated colour scheme in three shades of peach to lighten the space: the darkest shade is used towards the front of the studio, where natural light is most plentiful, getting lighter towards the back. This is juxtaposed by lush plantings which breathe life into the space and foster an atmosphere of wellbeing and calm.

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